Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Changes paths
Almost seemingly random
Not making any sense
To where it goes; or where it should

Seeking the sweetness
From a place to the other
Or sipping rancour
In horror

Lucky caterpillar
Stuck well in the end
Free as in when born
Trapped as in coccoon

Your life

Friday, September 2, 2011

For A Little While, For A Little One

I waited for years to make you real
And see your pretty eyes and touch you and feel
Three quarters and I realized it may be true
That what I had been waiting for
Might just be you
From the door of my home
To the green curtain rooms
I waited for the moment
And hoped you come to me soon
It seemed like forever
Before the day dawned
I saw you come alive
And that pretty yawn
I am sorry my little dream
For I did not know the plan
Years will go by
And hope you will understand
For once and for a little while
My wishes had come true
That I was born to take care of you

Friday, August 26, 2011

Higher Ground

Wait until the night comes
And I will be around
You will come back crashing here
Down to the ground

I lurk up slowly to your near
I can always be found
You will embrace me and kiss me
And no one will hear a sound

The highs that you hit
Have equal lows beneath
As you discover the highs really quit
Until you want an another hit

Back to the square where only brave dare
You climb up with your spirits
Leaving it all behind
And too afraid to even look down

Wait until the night comes
And I will be around
My name is loneliness
And I will bury you into the ground

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Splitting Darkness

Sucked into a trap of light
For beyond it was the wrath of her
Splitting darkness into two
One just a bit lighter
And the other completely dark
Hoping to survive a little longer
And choosing the lesser evil
To find that the casting spells
Would do damage beyond repair
Scared by the thought of
Being dissolved into a path not seen
Even if darkness surrounds
It can feel the touch of the surrounded
And she is scared for there might be light
That could smother away the darkness
But then she has one question
As to how do I look?
He takes out a mirror
To let darkness see herself
Alas! To see in the mirror she needs light
And asks him to show the light
As the light sinks deep within into her
The world breaks apart
For the night to end and the dawn to come
And since then upon
They meet each other everyday
Smothering each other
As one dissolves into the other

Friday, December 31, 2010

Rise and rise...

rise and rise until people fall
let them wait let them call
leave them behind for they remind
only of pain and laugh when u fall
when u see urself failing
come join this force all alone
and show them what ur
and for what u've been
there will be a time
when things would split apart
and would shine inside of u
that rockstar

rise and rise until the skies disappear
and there remains no fear
for once remind urself about this one life
and all the joys and pains of a strife
when u see urself back naked
u would be born again
to learn back how to walk
and then to run
don't then ever look back
and make ur own road in dreams
and make them come real

Friday, October 29, 2010

Second Hand Love

your second hand love
i can feel it from above
the more the deeper i look
shallow i feel as a cheap book
still i wait for u to show
the feeling that once used 2 glow
ur smell still makes me feel so good
but ur touch is a lie under the hood
am still walking the road along with u
may be i can keep up with u
as the yellow milestones make up my years
and the path covered with raindrop tears
your second hand love
i can feel it from above
a bleeding heart of a dead white dove

Thursday, October 28, 2010


staring at the other cars
going by the way
the night was getting closer
and the time slipping away
things that i would never do
or thoughts i would ever think
may be u would want me 2
show me the way

clinging on 2 just one finger
wanting 2 get in close
was that just a cute thing
or a thorn within the rose
gasping for just one more moment
wanting 2 stop the clock
but the road sign ahead of me
was the place i had 2 be

catching your fading glimpse
as u walk away
this defeating feeling never sinks
for it would never be this way
as much as i am wanting 2
is it the same on other side
but the time passed with the changing view
as i missed u with u