Sunday, March 20, 2011

Splitting Darkness

Sucked into a trap of light
For beyond it was the wrath of her
Splitting darkness into two
One just a bit lighter
And the other completely dark
Hoping to survive a little longer
And choosing the lesser evil
To find that the casting spells
Would do damage beyond repair
Scared by the thought of
Being dissolved into a path not seen
Even if darkness surrounds
It can feel the touch of the surrounded
And she is scared for there might be light
That could smother away the darkness
But then she has one question
As to how do I look?
He takes out a mirror
To let darkness see herself
Alas! To see in the mirror she needs light
And asks him to show the light
As the light sinks deep within into her
The world breaks apart
For the night to end and the dawn to come
And since then upon
They meet each other everyday
Smothering each other
As one dissolves into the other

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