Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Not just another number

As the city slept
There was a fire in a room
And the sparks turning into flames
With every motion and a move
Mirror on the wall
Multiplied the images
Of burning flesh
As the fire rages
A pen might move on
To fill the pages
With every second passing
Wine of passion ages

As the city slept
None could put out the fire
With the friction of the skin
Every flame went even higher
And as it touched the water
The mirror was a mist
With the fingers of my hand
I write your name
For the fire belongs to you
And not just anyone
The city would sleep again
In an another One O Two One


vaani said...

i m surprised y r there no comments on ur poems...

they r toog good ll
all of them really gr8...i look forward to reading more,,,

i luv ur work

Ghatotkach said...

KUCH LIKHO BUDBUK!!! 6 mahine ho gaye...