Saturday, January 31, 2009

Am I?

where i can smell the sand
and hear the cries of solitude
where i can see myself
holding on to the tree
that stood right behind the door
that opened up to those mornings
where the sun could just walk in
and say hi
when i could feel the pleasure
of singing to myself
when there was a sense of time
that would rhyme
to the tune of a burning fire
of that innocent desire
and then came knocking down
the notion of maturity
that pulled down the whole kingdom
of mine
no longer was i the only one
wanting to reign in my flights of freedom
coming out of a simple
touch of a hand
but was surrounded by
this ever evading moving target
of being someone
of being somewhere
now at times
a tune somewhere playing
can strike to a sense that once
would make me walk out
and here i am now
trying to make sense of
of freedom

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