Thursday, March 22, 2007

Side B

Feel the pull of the fabric that holds on
To your sweet smelling skin
Smell the air around you that breathes in me
See the dilation in your eyes when I pass by
Still wondering and wonder why

Hold your hands up and see your fingers
How long its been since they've been there
Nails that bite the senses out of me
Eyes that kill with a solemn stare
And the forgotten truth or dare

Get off from the usual and look around
As the armor grows stronger by the day
So will the shell and your dismay
Feel the pressure of the heaving breath
Say an aah and cometh

Ten years from now you will look back
To the times lost and friends who were
You would still smell the same
And your eyes with a dimmer solemn though
Asking questions as to why?

Feel the pull of the fabric that holds on
To the foreplay dying to happen
Change the music
Play the side B now
For the songs on A are over

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