Thursday, March 15, 2007

Song no.4

There was a Saturday morning
Staring at the cars go by
The sunshine is here right besides me
Clouds outside can protest in vain
Silent onlookers can see nothing
But your fingers find your way to mine
Wish the moment could last a little longer
Until there was no concept of time
The feeling would just get a little stronger
And your eyes would dim and my heartbeats climb
Forsaken place I did go there
But after that you took me nowhere
And I can can tell you it will kill you
For the feeling of me would linger forever
You can always feel my shadow around you
And my words would haunt you in my rhymes

Here am now and its gonna be a Friday
For everyone else just another day
Thinking about how time flies
And preparing myself to sever a piece of me
Pretending that it would not do damage
Is like a blind man telling the colors
In my mind in one corner
I can stare at the permanent imprint
Of your hand and a beautiful face
You will not leave without a trace
There will be a trail behind me
That I can always walk it back
But it would be so more alone
And time is like a heart attack
I want to listen to it one last time
For the song no.4 would never play again

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