Sunday, March 4, 2007

Captivate Me

Time was like a slippery snake
Without letting know it made an escape
If it happens like this may be once or twice
Like an unfound love it would just die
Captivate me my love
Cuz that is when my love shines
Own me and capture me
With my hands tied behind
Don't walk away to your door
And wave me back goodbye
Take me into your room and
Make my wetness feel so dry
Captivate me my love
For that is what you want to do
Make me love and suck me dry
For am so easy don't need to try
Touch of your skin and your sweet within
Made me feel I want to cry
You're so reckless in my dreams
Got no reason to be shy
Captivate me my love
Open your arms and seek my love
I'm open like a freshly cut wound
Just let your blood flow in me

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