Thursday, February 22, 2007


Driving back home with the Venus in the sky
It keeps looking back and so does my eyes
I ain't reaching home
And I am scared I ain't going anywhere
Road is ever turning and so dry
Like the burning eyes
Of a tear-less cry
The day eludes me
As I lay in mercy of an endless night
I can't see no horizon and nor the sun
Though Venus is still in the sky
This can't be real
This must be a lie
Oh I see someone over there
Waving hands and stopping me
But in the night hallucination is more than real
Am still driving home
And will wait for it to come
But why is the Venus still staring at me?
I'll change roads now
And will drive to my own horizon
Where I can step aside
Ask the night to leave me
And leave me for good...

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