Thursday, February 15, 2007

Your fiery hell

Wanna share something with you love
'Cuz my mind has been undercover
I don't mind being blatant
For this is in me and sizzling latent
Smear your lipstick on my back
Kiss me there until my heart attacks
Sweat me up and make me mad
I want you happy and never sad

Been just hearing your side
I was waiting and biding my time
My private space oh so often you invade
You would not make me a jade
Tear my clothes and swear on my back
Until I can shake you in your shack
Make me until more than I ever had
I want you happy and never sad

Could not bear your last caress
As it was so close but my mind was a mess
But slowly like a creeper
It has grown over me
I trust you my sweet goddess
For punish me for all my sins
Kiss and tell
And take me to your fiery hell

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Anonymous said...

its too good!!!