Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Too late...

It started all so cold
And slowly melted away
It could've simmered a little longer
But time was in your way

I could see that in your eyes
That you didn't want to go away
Next time make it sure
That I am there to stay

For a moment in the elevator
I thought I could get too close
And run away with a kiss
Now I realize what I got to miss

Your fingers were playing with your hair
My eyes with yours
As sometimes my hand sometimes touched you
It made me kind of shiver

The background music playing
Stole some time away from me
But the notes were clear enough
Only that you didn't hear

Your pride and the wall
That you've built around yourself
Can only stop you from coming
To my secret world

Share it as long as it lasts
For I ain't gonna wait
I don't wanna you miss me
For it would be too late

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